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Pullups: A Difficult and Amazing Exercise

Pullups are hard and for some people (like me) they are really really hard. This difficult exercise works out the lats, biceps, and middle back all with a single action. There are several variations such as reverse grip pullups (chin … Continue reading

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Stretch! Stretch! Stretch!

Throughout my life I have always been instructed to stretch before physical activities. Though there is a bit of debate on the usefulness of stretching before working out it is a fact that stretching will make you more flexible. The … Continue reading

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Product Info: The Shake-Weight…Does it Work?

Shake-weights seem to be everywhere these days, probably due to their incredibly awkward commercial. The question on everyone’s mind is does it work? The answer is yes…kinda. The Shake-weight is a 2 lbs weight with springs on each side. While … Continue reading

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Mayo Clinic Response on: Exercising While Sick

I have recently become sick and have been unable to work let alone workout. I started wondering when I do finally get well enough to go back to work, does that mean I’m well enough to work out again? I … Continue reading

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Tips for Women; Women’s Health Magazine and their 3-Week Routine

By: Meredith A. Iager Men always loose the weight quicker than women, but there are some easy work-out routines that can help us get rid of those extra pounds. Personally, counting your calories is best and walking outside or inside … Continue reading

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WebMD’s 7 Most Effective Exercises

Depending on your fitness goals, some exercises will be more beneficial than others. When just starting out exercising again try exercises that don’t require equipment. These 7 exercises are easy to do at home and don’t require hundreds of dollars … Continue reading

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Motivation…its vital to success yet it can be difficult to maintain. Whether you want to get stronger, look better, or just beat your friends and coworkers in a contest, it can be hard to keep motivated to do whats required … Continue reading

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The “Not So Obvious” Benefits of Walking

Everyone knows that walking is good for you. Its as easy as putting one foot in front of the other and can be done almost anywhere. According to the Mayo Clinic this simple exercise has some benefits that may not … Continue reading

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