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Juicing…The Good Kind…

As some of you know, a few months ago I did a juice fast for 15 days. Within that time I dropped 17lbs and kept it off for 2 months before my will became weak with high stress and “way … Continue reading

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Stretch! Stretch! Stretch!

Throughout my life I have always been instructed to stretch before physical activities. Though there is a bit of debate on the usefulness of stretching before working out it is a fact that stretching will make you more flexible. The … Continue reading

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Eat This Not That: 20 Worst Foods In America

There are a lot of bad foods out on the market, but which ones are the worst? Men’s Health’s ongoing series “EAT This NOT That” has compiled a list of the 20 worst foods in America and put them into … Continue reading

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Stress and Weight Gain

Its well known that stress contributes to weight gain…but why? I did some research and the most entertaining answer I found was from Dr.Oz. On his show he goes over how stress releases hormones in the brain that basically feed … Continue reading

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Mayo Clinic Response on: Exercising While Sick

I have recently become sick and have been unable to work let alone workout. I started wondering when I do finally get well enough to go back to work, does that mean I’m well enough to work out again? I … Continue reading

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Another Way to Access the Big Fat Weight-Loss Blog

There are now 2 ways to access the Big Fat Weight-Loss Blog. There is the original web address and the brand new address. Both domains will take you to the exact same site, its just another way to … Continue reading

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Motivation…its vital to success yet it can be difficult to maintain. Whether you want to get stronger, look better, or just beat your friends and coworkers in a contest, it can be hard to keep motivated to do whats required … Continue reading

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