Eat THIS not THAT: Cheesecake Factory Edition

Men’s Health has a handy ongoing column titled “Eat THIS not THAT” that informs readers of what they should and shouldn’t order at popular restaurants. I recently ate at the Cheesecake Factory and managed to scrape by with “only” consuming about 650-750 calories (still pretty bad). This feat was accomplished by NOT consuming the free bread, sharing an appetizer (Tex-Mex Eggroll) between 4 people (we each had 2 pieces), splitting an entree (Orange Chicken and Rice) with my girlfriend, and having NO cheesecake!!!

The food was great but there were not many “healthy” or low calorie menu options. Even if you share a dish, the average calorie content of a single item is 950 calories and up!!! If you are looking for a restaurant that has a diverse menu that contains healthy alternatives, do NOT go here.

Men’s Health’s “Eat THIS not THAT” section has a page for the Cheesecake Factory here: “Eat THIS not THAT: Cheesecake Factory”

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