Tips for Women; Women’s Health Magazine and their 3-Week Routine

By: Meredith A. Iager

Men always loose the weight quicker than women, but there are some easy work-out routines that can help us get rid of those extra pounds. Personally, counting your calories is best and walking outside or inside on a treadmill for thirty to forty minutes per day – making sure you are walking briskly, and at least 2 miles.

Eating Tips:

If you are going to eat meat (if you don’t eat meat at all, make sure you are taking 50mg tablets of iron at least 1 or 2 times a week) for lunch or dinner, eat only a small amount (no bigger than your fist, as we all have heard) don’t eat bread with it, eat more soups (not clam chowder and fatty ones every day) and veggies, and salads – with hardly any dressing, or just oil and vinegar with some seasonings.

If you are a cereal lover for mornings, just eat Rice Chex (gluten free kind, and DON’T add the sugar) or Bran Flakes, and add some peaches, pears, or strawberries or whatever you want to the top – plain fruit. These are good fiber options, keeping your digestive track healthy.

Easy Twist Exercises:

For women, longer walking burns the fat, and what I call twisty exercises, standing in place arms out/slightly bent like you are sort-of holding the steering wheel, and twisting your waist from side to side, also helps get rid of that annoying tummy bulge and hip-line area.

Woman’s Health Magazine, has put together a New Year’s resolution for us. It’s a 3 week workout schedule. Maybe this will work for you, maybe it won’t. But it never hurts to try.

This 3-week circuit from trainer Tom Holland focuses on maximum intensity in short blocks of time.

The 3-Week Schedule:

No matter what your fitness level, you can make this women’s workout plan work for you.

Week 1:
Intermediate/Advanced: Perform three circuit sets four times this week to build calorie-burning muscle. Add four moderate cardio sessions during the week, like a 30-minute jog, an hour-long walk, or a 30-minute swim.

Beginners: Perform two circuit sets 4 days this week, and add two or three moderate cardio sessions.

Week 2:
Intermediate/Advanced: Cut your strength training to two circuit sets three times a week, and add an extra fat-burning cardio session (making it 5 days, total). Make at least one of your cardio sessions an interval workout, such as sprints, to enhance intensity.

Beginners: Perform two circuit sets three times this week, and increase to four cardio sessions.

Week 3:
Intermediate/Advanced: Do just two circuit sets twice this week, and max out on cardio — going for at least an hour per session. Raise your heart rate daily, if possible, and push for extra mileage and intensity.

Beginners: Do two circuit sets 2 days a week, and do five sessions of cardio during the week.

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