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Spagehtti Squash! a great pasta alternative.

Yes a magical squash that turns into spaghetti when you cook it. I hear rumors it makes a good hash brown too. Method: Just get in there and cut it in half (lengthwise) or quarters. You don’t want to cut … Continue reading

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Delay In Posting Week5 Contest Results

Sorry for the delay in posting the week 5 contest results but we are still waiting on data from a couple contestants. The results will be posted this evening (Wednesday Feb with or without the missing contestants data. Thank you … Continue reading

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Potatoes! The Occasional Indulgence

Potatoes are delicious and can be prepared in several different ways (healthy and unhealthy) to make them even more delicious. Unfortunately in our society, the potato is commonly used as a catalyst for many unhealthy foods like hot oil, butter, … Continue reading

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Week 5 Weigh-In Reminder

Hey All Contestants! Please remember to weigh yourselves and e-mail the results to . The results will be posted late on Tuesday. Good Luck!

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Stretch! Stretch! Stretch!

Throughout my life I have always been instructed to stretch before physical activities. Though there is a bit of debate on the usefulness of stretching before working out it is a fact that stretching will make you more flexible. The … Continue reading

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5 Worst And Best Things To Eat At McDonalds

McDonalds is one of Americas largest fast food chains and they are everywhere. Their prices are affordable and when your in a rush, the taste is acceptable. I myself stopped off at one when I was in a rush and … Continue reading

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Spicy Food, So Many Benefits

Many people love spicy food (I know I do), but other than its delicious burn, it can have healthy passive attributes. For those who don’t know, Capsasin is the ingredient in many foods that make things spicy. Several peppers naturally … Continue reading

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Week 4 Contest Results!!!

Another week another comparison of everyone’s progress. It would appear that some contestants have not lost any weight but no one has gained any either, which is good news. So keep on trying to lose weight and check back frequently … Continue reading

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Week 4 Results Tonight!

I apologize for the delay in posting the contest results for week 4. They will be posted around 9pm tonight. I would like to request everyone be sure to submit their weights to every Monday (Tuesday morning at the … Continue reading

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