Spicy Food, So Many Benefits

Many people love spicy food (I know I do), but other than its delicious burn, it can have healthy passive attributes. For those who don’t know, Capsasin is the ingredient in many foods that make things spicy. Several peppers naturally produce the capsasin that adds some heat to some of our favorite dishes. Self Magazine has collected 5 hidden facts about spicy foods that everyone might find interesting.


  1. Weight Loss (can raise metabolism and make bland foods tasty)
  2. Heart Health (Study’s show spicy food eaters have a lower stroke and Heart attack rate)
  3. Cancer Prevention (The American Association for Cancer Research has discovered that capsaicin has the ability to kill some caner and leukemic cells)
  4. Lower Blood Pressure ( Spicy foods increase the blood flow throughout your body)
  5. Fewer Blow-Your-Top Moments(meaning spicy food can release feel good hormones)


Granted spicy food is not for everyone (especially those with sensitive stomachs), but if your stomach can take it, there are some benefits to reap. Self Magazine’s article is available here: Self’s 5 hidden benefits to spicy food

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