Coffee: Better For You Than You Think

Somewhere along the line coffee got a bad wrap as being “bad” for you. While not all the effects of coffee are positive (such as dehydration) the research continues on its benefits. According to Frank Hu, MD, MPH, PhD:

“There is certainly much more good news than bad news, in terms of coffee and health,”

Studies have shown patterns that people who drink coffee are less likely to have Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and dementia. Fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and strokes have also been observed in people who drink coffee.

But like with everything in this world, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. So when you pour your morning coffee, take confidence that you are helping your body, but don’t go overboard.

More information on the health benefits of coffee can be found here: WebMD’s Health Benefits of Coffee

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