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A Few Good Things About Chocolate

For a lot of people chocolate is associated with cavities, empty calories, and sinful joy…but it can also help your body (in the right amounts)! An article from lists a few beneficial reasons to eat chocolate:   To kick … Continue reading

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Stress and Weight Gain

Its well known that stress contributes to weight gain…but why? I did some research and the most entertaining answer I found was from Dr.Oz. On his show he goes over how stress releases hormones in the brain that basically feed … Continue reading

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Connection Between Sleep and Weight Loss

For those of you who know me well, you know that I don’t sleep much. This got me thinking about the connection between sleep and weight loss. It turns out WebMD has an insightful article about the subject that puts … Continue reading

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Product Info: The Shake-Weight…Does it Work?

Shake-weights seem to be everywhere these days, probably due to their incredibly awkward commercial. The question on everyone’s mind is does it work? The answer is yes…kinda. The Shake-weight is a 2 lbs weight with springs on each side. While … Continue reading

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Cholesterol: What It Is and How to Manage It

Cholesterol is one of those things not everyone thinks about when making food choices. The body needs a little but too much of it could cause some damage if gone unchecked. The following is WebMD’s Definition of Cholesterol: “Cholesterol is … Continue reading

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